Tuesday, May 24, 2011

50 weeks

Okay...don't think that I counted down the weeks I have left because I am trunky or want to come home. The reason I actually did it is because I decided that I want to make some goals to achieve by the end of my mission. So, I've been praying, and trying to figure out what some things are that I want to achieve by next May. So, then I made a little notebook, so i can keep track each week on my progress, and there were exactly 50 weeks. Which is great. I still have 50 weeks to work my hardest, and to learn Korean, and most importantly to find people that are waiting to accept the gospel. I won't go into all of my goals, but the overlying theme of the goals is to become more simple and plain. So, today is day 1, week 1 of the 50 week plan.

So, things down in Suncheon and Gwangyang are beautiful. This transfer is flying by. My companions are the greatest, and my area is beautiful. We saw so many miracles this week. We got 3 baptismal dates! It literally feels like they just fell out of the sky. I am excited to continue to meet with them, and help them prepare for baptism. One lady was an old investigator who just called us up and wanted to meet again. She was the one who said she needed to be baptized, and then later that week we met with an old investigator who brought her friend, and they both said they wanted to get baptized in July. Another miracle that happened is that while we were out contacting in the "downtown" area, I was contacting this group of girls, who just kept mumbling to each other, mou-ra-go-yo..pshhh...I know my Koreans not good..but come on. Anyways, so I was feeling a little ..sick..of contacting, when this girl from behind just grabbed my arm and started speaking to me in Korean really quickly. She was so excited. I pieced together that she had met with the missionaries before..and then sister Sherwood came over and talked to her, and she said she had interviewed one of the sisters a few months ago for her school newspaper. She asked us where our church was, and asked us for our number. We met with her on Saturday, and we were planning on chatting a bit, introducing what we're doing her, what we're teaching, our purpose, and set up a regular appointment. But she wasn't interested in anything except the book of mormon. I'm really excited to see where things go with her. It made me realize that even though I was just standing in the downtown, looking kind of like a fool..it still was where God needed me to be, even though all the people I talked to threw my phone number and pamphlet away as they were walking away from me.

Lets see...I feel like I haven't done any funny stories lately..so I'll give you one. Somebody recently asked me in an email what was the most awkward thing that had happened to me that week..when I wrote the email back I couldn't think of anything. But it happened that night. . . Okay so. Me and Sister Uyanga were coming back from Gwangju and I just glanced around the bus stop, and I made the mistake of making eye contact with this guy standing a few feet away. I knew immediately that it was an accident. He walked over, and started asking if we were missionaries, talked about God, his religion, I think he was a chipsanim..or something for some church..anyways. He seemed harmless enough at first, and then he left and told us to work hard. We started talking again to each other, me and Sister Uyanga..and I guess it took this guy about all of 2 minutes to gather the courage to come back and really tell us what was on his mind. . he came back up and said that he knew that I had a ring on my finger and that I have a boyfriend, but he said he couldn't leave without telling me that I could get closer to God if I chose him instead of my boyfriend. BECAUSE when he was baptized he took on the name of Peter, and so because of that, he could take me closer to God. I couldn't understand allll of this, so I just smiled and nodded at him. He told me that I should think about it, about him or my "boyfriend" and make a decision, and if I chose to be with him, then he would visit me in my dreams that night. Then he walked away down the rainy, dark street. What a stud, right? I'm still thanking God that he didn't come to my dreams that night.

Other just misc. things that happened this week, I went to a traditional Korean wedding of a less-active member, including the throwing of the chickens, the bowing, bowing, bowing, bowing, etc. I took lots of pictures, but can't find my connecting cord, so I can't send them through email .. :s Also, I got two packages this week. my toothpaste :) and shoes, which are amazing by the way Mom. I'm so so glad you didn't get me really really ugly sister missionary walking shoes. You did awesome. And I got another package from Boram's dad with meat, tomatoes, chamhwe, grapes, and nylons, and chocolate. He is the greatest. Also, my hair is getting outrageously curly. Also, my companions decided my power animal is a white, wild wolf, that isn't a full grown wolf yet. Because they said my face is still cute like a baby animal, but my eyes are wild. ? Also, my "color" my "auro" is either burnt orange, or a green that I don't know how to describe through an email.

Okay...I think that is about it for this week. I love you all. I hope you are all doing really great, somebody give Opie a hug for me, I miss him real bad. I always show people pictures of him and they always say, ah mussowohyo..kk..if they only knew him, they would know that he is harmless.

Love Sister Cutler

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lets pray quickly, so we can go to the bathroom!

I feel like there is so much I have to write. Cool things, stupid things, things I need, fun stories, and my cheongshin is opsoyo. . .

It was so good to see you all on skype this last week. You look like you are all doing so great, and it was really nice to see everybody's faces. And for those of you I didn't get to see on skype, I bet your faces look nice too, and I wish I could have seen them!

Okay...Lets see. This week has been good. not just good, but great. I think that I finally hit the spot that I heard my trainer talk about..during your first couple transfers you're still super serious from the mtc, and tired all the time, and not knowing whats going on...and for your last couple transfers I heard you just get beat...but she said you hit this spot in the middle that just flows and I feel like I finally hit that spot. I'm sleeping great, I'm happy everyday. It helps that I have amazing companions, and its party transfer down in suncheon. k.k.kk.k. just kidding. We are working hard, and having fun at the same time, I promise. Speaking about sleeping..a few sentences ago. Sister Uyanga reports to me every morning what I did during the night. Do you want to know what I did in the night? Last night, I said-Lets pray quickly, so that we can go to the bathroom! and then I got into prayer position for a while, and then stood up and went to the bathroom. The night before that I was singing a little Korean song in my sleep. The night before that, I was giggling in my sleep. The night before that, I was just speaking Korean jibberish-like--will you please say that again? I'm glad that somebody is awake to report these things to me in the morning. She always says, Cutler Chamaenim..do you remember what you did last night? ...

Anyways, this week we did splits and guess what? Somehow the three half-koreans in the whole mission ended up in the same companionship for the day. It was..fun. It is really interesting to hear the different points of views from growing up, and to hear and feel about the different experiences as being a half-korean missionary. Maybe I'm more lucky than the other two. The newest greenie, looks really Korean. and my companion, looks kind of Korean, more than me-and she was born in Korea so her korean is perfect..and when I'm with them everybody thinks I'm mexican or from south america, and they're always worried about my dark skin. Especially when they see pictures of me as a cute, baby with really white skin. So, while we were on splits, this crazy old Korean lady in pink pants, and a sparkly blue shirt, with high heeled sneakers on came and touched my butt, then my face, and kept telling me I was really pretty. Then she asked for our phone number, all while still patting my bum. We met with her yesterday, and that sneaky funny old lady brought her minister with her! She just wanted to bible bash. And when she saw me, she didn't know who I was because she said I was pretty when she saw me, but when she saw me yesterday I was not the same person she insisted. Because I was ugly she said. So, we're sitting in this lesson, and this sweet crazy old lady is ripping out all the same bible bashing lines that I got so much in Daejeon. And somewhere along the length of time where she was talking...I looked at the pink pants that she wore again, and the sparkly blue shirt, and the high heeled sneakers..and I realized..she's a real person. One day, she consciously made the decision to buy the clothes she was wearing, and get the classic Korean lady old perm, and wear nylon socks with her high heeled sneakers. And I realized that when she put that outfit on that morning, she probably loved it. And for some reason, it made me really really like her. I don't know how to portray what I'm trying to say..just just that.

Anyways, the weather is great, its been raining a lot. I love the rain. There are palm trees down here, and on the mountains, the trees are so thick it feels like you couldn't even run a comb through the mountain..if the mountain was somebody's head.

I don't have much more time left..Because most of the things that I need to write are requests from home..for when the family comes in June. And I'll just write that to mom..i bet nobody else really wants to hear about how I want some of my shirts and pants from home, and things like that..so..i'll probably end this thing here.

Love, Lia

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mongolian Birthday parties (Scott Kyle-read this email, I'll get to it...its at the very bottom), sticky rain, and Book of Mormons

Sun, May 1, 2011 at 9:57 PM MST

Annyonghashimnigga yoreobun! ! ! @_@

So, I'm down living in Suncheon now. It is pretty different from Daejeon..but I like it..better. On Saturday night we were sitting in our apartment, and the rain was coming down so hard outside, I was sticky from the humidity and the warm rain, and I was really happy. Sometimes, I feel like I am living in a really exotic land. I guess to some people, it would be considered exotic. To me, it just feels like the next town over. . with lots of garlic, spicey, shiny suits, glittery skinny ties, and golden teeth.

We serve in two areas: Suncheon, and Gwangyang. Both of them are branches. We switch off every other Sunday which branch we go to, and every other day which place we go to. We went to Gwangyang this Sunday, and there were about 3 families there..It feels like just one big family. Our branch president is like a Korean Mountain man. He killed a boar by himself with a PVC pipe, and then turned it into bulgogi and ate it. He likes to do stuff with the missionaries on P-day. He's planning an activity for children's day, down on the beach this Thursday. We live in Suncheon, and it takes about an hour long bus ride to get to Gwangyang. The dialect is a little different, which Mom already warned me of. But, I hear its not as bad as Busan..kkkk...zach. The food down here is great. The kimchi is so good down here. The other day I ate a big bowl of some spicy vegetables and guksu and kimchi for dinner, and I had to turn to my companion and ask her if there was anything in my teeth. There was. It was at that moment, while I was on the street trying to get spicy red stuff out of my teeth, that I thought..yeah! It has happened! I am eating Korean food, and loving it, and I am picking spicy specks, and seaweed out of my teeth...I am finally willingly, happily suffering those consequences of eating food that I once used to cringe at the sight or smell of. Now we're all just hangin out together--me, the squid, the seaweed, the red pepper paste. God really does work miracles. Oooh, its 12:34! make a wish!

So, this week I have just been getting used to the new area. I love my two companions (and yes, Megan, I REALLY do..haha. No holding back and putting on a good missionary face). I think I mentioned it in my email before..brief introductions about them..or maybe just that they are Mongolian and Korean-American. hmm..I see I have also fallen into the trap of referring to people first as their race..as though it is the most important thing about them. hhhhhhhhh well, it is the first thing you see. So we'll stick with it. I am serving with Amanda Sherwood, and she is from Texas. She is half-Korean, half-American. She is our senior companion, and she is amazing. She has this strong Texas personality, which luckily as some of you know--I loove Texans. Or so it would seem. She is perfect at Korean, she was born in Seoul, lived there til she was 10 and then moved to Texas. She is a strong missionary, and I feel like I'm in language boot camp with her--which I am so so grateful for. She is bold enough to tell me how to fix my pronunciation, and the tone, and flow of my Korean. She has this sweet feeling about her when she talks to people on the street, like everybody is her friend, and I love it. I know I have a lot of things that I can learn from her during this transfer, and I'm so thankful President gave me the opportunity to serve with her down here.

My other companion is Sister Uyanga, and she is from Mongolia. She is the fourth Mongolian missionary in Korea, and her trainer was the first. She is u.n.b.e.l.i.e.v.a.b.l.e. I feel beyond blessed to be companions with her. We both have the same end date of May 10th, and so on May 10th, we will have a big one year left celebration. ~side note: the lady next to me on the computer just burped~ Anyways, back to my companion. I feel like she is so mysterious, and strong, and beautiful, and soft, and when I'm around her, I feel like I could just trust her with anything. And also when I'm around her, I just have this really strong feeling like I want to work harder, and I don't want to let her down..but at the same time..it feels like we're just dancing down the street doing missionary work together, talking to people, walking past shampoo night club, demonstrating what we think sexy dance night is like at shampoo night club, and giving out Book of Mormons to people. And then not to mention, that she's Mongolian--and everybody knows Mongolians are ..I can't think of a word. But, I feel like Mongolia is this place, that people don't know a lot about, but everybody I meet from Mongolia, I always really really love. They all have this really strong, beautiful feeling about them.

Anyways, do you want to know how the church started in Mongolia, and who the first member is? I can tell you! Sister Uyanga's dad is the first Mongolian that was baptized. He was in Germany studying, and he met the missionaries on the street, they gave him a book of mormon, he read it in 2 days, prayed, called them back, and got baptized. He went back to Mongolia, there was no church there, and then about 5 months later ~op, other side note..the lady that burped next to me, is actually a man~ he ran into some Elders that had just been sent from Russia into Mongolia. He tried to explain in German, Russian, and Mongolian that he was a member..but they couldn't understand. Finally, one Elder understood the German a little bit, and they figured it out. The missionaries baptized the rest of his family, Sister Uyanga's family, and they became the first family baptized in Mongolia. And Scott Kyle!! Sister Uyanga says that she knows you--her name on facebook is Uyanga Enkhtuvshin. Do you know her? Anyways, we talked about you this morning! Sister Uyanga has the "in" with all of the Mongolian ladies down here in Suncheon. So, last Saturday we went to this huge baby's first birthday party. There were tons of Mongolian people there, and I had no idea what was going on. I was just holding babies, and eating food, and trying to figure out how they pronounce that L while blowing air through it? I'm trying to learn how to pronounce Mongolian Investigators names, and basic phrases, but..heh. its hard for me. I don't know how you did it.

Well, I think I'm about out of time. We have half of p-day today, and then the fun part on Thursday for Children's day. I will write more later. And I will send pictures sometime, I promise. I love you all, I hope that you are all doing good!


Cutler Chamae

On to my third transfer..and third and fourth companion

Sun, Apr 24, 2011 at 11:38 PM MST

Annyonghaseyo ^^

Cutler Chamae imnida. So, I received the transfer call this morning..Mom you gonnnnna be so excited...I am moving to the most southern part of my mission--down in Cholodo (sp?) I am going to suncheon. I will be in a threesome with another half Korean sister from Texas, and a girl from Mongolia--the only three in the mission who aren't white, or korean. We will be a funny pair, or threesome down there on the coast. I am really excited to go down there, but I am really sad to leave my companion. I know that President is giving me a new companion everytime and makin gme have a lot of changes because he needs me to learn fast. By the end of the summer, I will be within the type 5 or so oldest sisters, and President will need me to be a senior. This terrifies me. a lot. I don't know how I'm supposed to learn Korean by then..but it has to be possible, right? So, I'll be down in what they consider the most shee-gol: rural area in the mission. It will be a good learning experience for me. Apparently, with Sister Uyanga, the Mongolian sister, they teach a lot of Mongolian people..so that will be really fun to have that experience too.


Okay, so all I can really think about right now is transfers, and packing and stuff, and taking sticker pictures with Sister Choi after this..but I will tell you some things from this week that happened. So, our recent convert, Go Seo Joo Chamaenim reminds me a lot of Saydee. She loves sports, she is loud, cute nose, loves sweat pants, candy, all the good stuff. Anyways, she kept telling me that she was going to break my legs so that President couldn't transfer me. But the other night when we visited her, we finally convinced her to say the prayer before we left and this is what she said : Dear God, Thanks for letting Real Madrid do so good, and please help them to continue doing good. God, I know that I can't really break Sister Cutler's legs..but please don't let her transfer. And Sister Choi too. Well, you're doing great up there God. Thanks for listening to my prayer. Amen. I'll be really sad to transfer away from her. But, she's moving to Australia next year..I think Sydney..Jason and Romy..you didn't answer my question yet.

Recently, we've still been meeting with a few different religious proselyters -i don't have time to figure out the spelling). But, it has been interesting, a few presbyterians, and recently this other religion that is supposed to be considered even more "ee-dan" than our church. But, as we've been meeting with them, it usually ends up with them quizing us on bible scriptures, and proving to us that we're really stupid and young all the time. And when we bear our testimonies, usually somehow they find a way to show us that our faith is empty. During these times, I wonder--when does the power come that is talked about in the scriptures--where the weak things confound the wise, and when the spirit of God just fills a missionary and just says exactly all of the right things. Maybe when a missionary has enough faith to allow the spirit to do that, huh. I'm not discouraged about it though. Whenever they're talking to us about things, I end up thinking a few things-first, I think, why are we still meeting with them? second, i think..wow, there are so many churches. third, we all teach a lot of the same basic things--so what makes us all so different? fourth, what makes us right? And then that is when I realize, because we have the restoration, and the book of mormon. And those two things make all the difference. And all we're out here doing is asking people to pray about the restoration of the gospel, and to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. And that is why we're different. And I'm thankful to have realized that through my experiences with learning from and discussing with other faiths.

Well, I think time is almost gone. I'm sorry if I alarmed you with the early email this week about my knee (mom and dad). Maybe I will have to give in and wear ugly shoes. . uhhgh. I really don't want to. But, my knee has been on and off bad, and if I have to get surgery for some reason, than I'll have to come home. Which I don't want, so I'll wear the ugly shoes if it will help. I'll keep in touch with Sister Furniss, and get a knee brace. Don't worry Dad, I won't let my pride get in the way :)

Okay, things here are going great. I'm happy as a bumblebee, and I love Korea, Korean, Korean food, Korean people, Missionary work in Korea, and Korean clothes.

Love, Lia

P.s. I am sorry I haven't sent pictures for a while..I keep on forgetting my cord. I will try to remember soon!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another week, come and gone

I know I say this all the time, but I can't believe that it is time to write another email home already. This transfers almost over, and it blows me away. Mom asked in her email about my investigators. If I may be completely honest with everybody here receiving this. Its completely difficult, and feels absolutely impossbile sometimes. I'm almost done with my second transfer, I still haven't been able to get one person to attend sacrament meeting, it seems like every investigator that starts progressing hears something absolutely horrifying and false about our church and then refuses to meet with us, and the sweet recent converts we have are having problems with.. lots of things. And recently I feel like I get worse and worse at Korean everyday! When I'm talking to somebody on the street, sometimes I'll be talking for a while, when I hear them at the end say in Korean--what is she talking about? 헐!!!!So, now I understand when people say that missionary work is hard..it really is. But, after I wrote my email home last week, I was thinking. And I realized that I wrote a bunch of stuff that was hard, mostly because I just want to be honest with my family, and not hide anything that I'm feeling from them. I want them to still feel like they know what's going on inside of me, and not just seeing on the seemingly perfect missionary mask that I will put on for everybody else. So, back to what I realized last week. After I was telling these things that were hard, I decided that I should be a bit positive right, so that nobody would think that I'm just a completely trunky, bad missionary. But, even when I was positive--I still was just talking about myself. ie; its hard that older Korean people treat me like --did I say crap? If i did i'm sorry. Anyways, but then I said there are some people that are really nice to me. I realized shortly after I left the computer what was wrong with my attitude. I'm just worrying about how people are responding to me. I'm thinking about me all the time. I mean, i still think about my investigators, a lot. but, somehow I was just frustrated a lot. Why is it not working? What am I doing wrong? Why can't I communicate with them? etc. i iiiiiii iii. How sad, I was already 6 months into my mission before I realized that. And the even more sad thing is that, I'll probably still do it sometimes. You know that joke where they say--People who serve in the states learn the gospel, people who serve in South America learn how to baptize, and people who serve in Asia learn patience. Hul. But, I promise I'll work hard. Even morning I can wake up and change something. I will make myself better every day on my misison. Even if it is just by memorizing one new word if that is all I can do that day. So, I'm sorry to my companion that she got caught in about one weeks worth of really serious Lia thinking about the meaning of everything time. hahaha. I turn into a hermit, which is just not really acceptable as a missionary. And really awkward to be on the streets and meeting people, but somehow being stuck in weird little bubble of a surreal reality. Anyways, its over now. I think. At the end, when the bubble finally popped, I realized mostly that I need to just completely love my investigators, and rely on the spirit, and just have faith continually with diligence.

Okay after that big mess up there ^ I will tell you a little about whats been going on this week. I'll start from the end, since its what I remember the best. Yesterday, we ate at the korean-american family's house out in the country. Then we went to our recent converts house where she massaged my legs, despite my uncontrollable kicking and scream/laugh, until they were "soft"...and actually today, they are just bruised. But they assured me that it will be good for me in the end. . . we will see. And then she came out proselyting with us. Which we thought would be fun, and great because we could do member lessons on the street. It ended up just making her really sad because people were so mean to us. hahaha. But, we don't care anymore. But, she was shocked, and everytime after people were really mean to us she would get really mad and imitate them walking away from us and then she would tell us what she would do if she were us. Which is saying things like, oh yeah, your busy huh? huh? yeah! you crazy!! and then making a punching motion to somebody's face. Luckily, she never got to fully act out a contact on a really person. Oh, speaking of which..as in speaking of Ko So Joo, the recent convert--Jason and Romy--please answer this question--she is moving to Australia next year for working holiday..and she wants to know which city will have the most LDS single adults for her to be around--Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth??? I told her Sydney would be great..and i told her maybe I'll move there next year too for an internship after my mission ^_^ Lets see, we have been meeting still with the Presbyterian ladies, and it has been interesting. I think we may need to drop them soon though. We've been praying a lot..and i think it needs to be done soon. We had presidents interviews this week too. He told me that I should think about changing the name on my tag to Choi Lia Chamae. Because..I can't say Cutler in Korean..apparently when I say it, it always sounds like nose ring. hmm. So, I will think about changing it. But, I don't want to be a weirdo that uses a korean name..even though I guess Lia really is my name. President says that if I want to, then I have his blessing and he thinks it would be good. But, he is a little worried that if I get to use my first name like the full Koreans that other Americans will be wanting to do it too. We'll see. Um, also-it is 100% andeiyo for me to see anybody that comes to visit korea this summer. The brethren have strictly said absolutely nothing. So none of you even think about coming and finding me!!!!!! You can just send me letters and pictures while you are in korea :) And if I'm not in Daejeon, you can come and see my area and maybe see my companion.

Anyways, I'm out of time i think. I'm going to go and buy richard some sweet ties in the Shinae. Also, I just discovered the district of second hand stores--the district!! Not just one, but an entire area of the cities! Can you believe it? I really am half korean. and the whole district is putting everything half off this week. Anywho, okay bye.!

Love Choi Lia Chamae. uhn .It sounds weeird.weird. I'll just be Nose ring chamae.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Looking up

I'm sorry if I worried any of you the past couple weeks. I will admit, it was pretty tough, for a few different reasons. But it's okay, I know that. I'm really thankful that god has given me a companion that fits perfectly with me, that is helping me just get through some of the days. The week before last, when I wrote you, was amazing. Honestly, we saw miracle after miracle, and our investigators were just soaring, and we thought we'd see lots of baptisms. And then this last week, everything just seemed to fall. hard. My..favorite..investigator..not that i pick favorites often, but I really liked her. I talked to her on the phone almost every night, and we loved spending time with her, and she really seemed to be accepting the gospel well. We gave her a soft baptismal commitment, and we decided we'd work together. Seeing as how most of you that I'm writing this letter to served missions..and a lot of you in Korea..maybe you can see where this is already going. Somehow lots of people here think our church is like..really scary. Sometimes people even run away form us. Anyways, this week she's completely dropped us, I can't get a hold of her in anyway. But its okay, because we did the best we could. Also, somehow this week, tons of members..okay not tons..but as missionaries it feels like tons..of presbyterians have been contacting us because they "want to learn about our church" So, we've been meeting with a few middle aged presbyterian preachers, deaconesses, etc. and it honestly really sucks. Am I allowed to say that? Let me add to it, that I really am learning a lot. In the sense that these middle aged Koreans love to treat me kind of like crap because I'm half, and I am just learning a lot about patience and just praying a lot to love some people. Usually it is not hard for me to love people, but like I realize that God is strenghthening me even more. I'll be able to love them, I know I will. They usually just end up bible bashing, and my companion just sits there patiently, explains that we're not here to teach knowledge about the bible, but to invite people to learn through the spirit, etc. It usually doesn't get anywhere. I think this week, we might end up dropping a few of them..it is pretty stressful, and we usually end up just getting preached at for 2 hours until we have another appointment. It was really humbling for me, and my companion. We did so awesome the week before, that maybe we were slipping in some areas because we were so comfy and on a high of sorts. One day when all of our appointments dropped within about 10 minutes of each other, and our most progressing investigators weren't contacting us back all week.. We re-evaluated our obedience, and found areas where we could improve. The day we repented, and started on a more strict road, that night one of our invesitgators called us and told us that she had lost her phone, but that she wanted to meet the next day. When we met with her the next day, we studied English for a bit, and then she kind of anxiously pulled out the book of mormon we gave her and said let's study! She opened it up and said, i have some questions. She started asking lots of questions about the 1 nephi: 1. Which we commited her to read. We were shocked at how well she understood it. We told her that she was really smart, and she said no, actually I'm not. I had to read it 10 or 11 times before I could understand it. We just kind of looked at her with blank stares and said, huh? 10 or 11 times? ? ? But I mean, we weren't complaining. Just, just. just. I don't know. I'm sure you know what I mean. It just was this huge hug from God, like finally after this week, this week of just falling, and climbing, and just trying to wake up and do anything, and listening to bible bashing, and having faith broken down, and contacting in the nuclear rain, it just was really..everything was okay. Better than okay. I have the biggest investigator crush on this investigator. She was this huge light to me at the end of the week. And i'm so thankful for her, and it is for her and for my other future investigators, and most importantly for God that I get up in the morning with willingness, and desire. After that, me and my companion walked her to the bus stop, and then we walked home and we just finally could really smile after a long week. If I think about my companion I can always smile.

do you want to hear some more of the good things? :) I got to listen to God's prophets and apostles this weekend, and it was like a much needed bucket of water, in my dry soul. All the missionaries keep talking about Elder Scott's talk hahahaha. You have no idea how much a talk like that can effect a bunch of missionaries. Actually, you probably do. Last night my companion came into the room, and said--let's talk about marriage!!!! I laughed, which I usually do when she wants to talk about marriage. I still have a year left, so what do I have to think about? just missionary work right now. My favorite talk was probably Elder Uchtdorfs, and I will admit-Elder Scott's talk was very sweet. Didn't really make me want to get married, just made me want to be the type of wife someday that Elder Scott had. Probably the thing that stood out to me the most was about the Church's welfare program. I had been looking into doing an internship with LDS Philanthropies before I put in my papers, and when I was listening to all of those talks I just felt burning, like that's really really what I want to do> I really want to work for the Church welfare system. Really. I get really excited about it. But, I'll think about it later. Like next year.

Dad, you keep asking about the weather--it is purrrfect. The trees are all blooming, and I'm so excited that I get to be in Korea in the spring. There are cherry blossoms everywhere, and another white flower tree that I don't know how to describe. Just really beautiful. It is sunny, warm, but with a clean cold edge occasisonaly, which I love. I don't want to figure out how to spell that right. It is pday..of course. And if you ever doubted before that I'm in Korea, just know that today with my zone we had a dukkbokki (spicy rice cake? ) making contest, and pingpong, and walking through cherry blossoms on the way to play soccer. I'm afraid for summer.
Mom, you'd be so proud of me. I have eaten kimchi chiggae, sun-dae, and I eat squid like chicken now. I eat kimchi everyday, and sometimes I even crave it in the morning. I can eat oysters, and other misc. seafoods that I don' t want to know the names of. I am trying really hard to learn Korean. I taught the second lesson almost all by myself last week! President says that I have to be senior a couple of times a week because all of the older sisters will leave soon, and even though I'm in my 2nd transfer and can't speak Korean..i'm afraid I'll have to step up soon out of my very thin and shaky little greeny bubble. I have a feeling like next transfer i'll probably leave. There will be a lot of new sisters coming in-4, and they will need trainers. my companion. I wouldn't mind leaving daejeon, or staying. Sometimes I wonder what missionary work is like away from the mission office and home, and aps, and office elders. Our district is bigger than most of the zones in my mission. I don't know how much I told you before. I'm just spewing off information now.

Welp, its been a really good time for me. I really am thankful for the times when God trusts me enough to give me experiences to grow. Mom, I know you told me that being half Korean would be one of my biggest blessings and one of my biggest trials on my mission. And just as you said, so has it been that way. People my age are really nice to me, and people..maybe mom's age sometimes are not. Its okay. Lots of the Korean missionaries, elders and sisters, and korean investigators, and just other americans too have been asking me a lot about how it is to be half korean, or what I think about interracial marriage. I get asked all. the. time. I think there have been a few other halfies in my mission who have apparently really hated being half. But, i think people can see that I don't hate it and so they keep wanting to know how my parents raised me, are they still happy, do i think they'll be happy forever, etc, am i happy as a half, anyways. i have to go now. Just, yeah. Anyways. I can't form legible sentences anymore.

I love you all. I hope you are all doing well, and having a happy spring.

Sister Cutler

Monday, April 4, 2011

(no subject)

I'm sorry, I don't have much time to write today. I just wrote a big letter, and then accidentally deleted it.. so this will be short. It has been a really great week, full of a lot of miracles and a lot of learning. I had some hard times this week, specifics with which I don't really want to bring up, but it has been good, because I have an amazing companion and I'm in the Lord's hands. I know that. It is really interesting the trials we run into..never really what we would expect.
Some of the miracles that I saw this week were that we found 7 new investigators this week, about one everyday..which I think for Korea is a huge miracle. We met somebody for the first time on sunday, a member referral and we set a baptismal date with her for the 30th. Cool, right? and, I think that Boram's dad is sending me a present every week. I think he tried to send me a cheesecake this week, but it didn't work. We have been teaching a lot of lessons with Sister Furniss, because we live right next to the mission home. It has been a good experience.
I really, really hate to send you such a short email..but I am not really feeling anything else to say right now. You know when you say something, and just really pour your soul out once..and then it is just too exhausting to write it out again. I just don't know if i can muster up the emotional energy to write up the whole email again. But, for all I know..I don't even know if anybody even reads my emails, or if i'm just writing to myself haha. Okay, well I'm going to costco today with Sister Furniss, and the Senior couple misisonary sister Brunson. Okay, bye.
Love, Lia