Tuesday, May 24, 2011

50 weeks

Okay...don't think that I counted down the weeks I have left because I am trunky or want to come home. The reason I actually did it is because I decided that I want to make some goals to achieve by the end of my mission. So, I've been praying, and trying to figure out what some things are that I want to achieve by next May. So, then I made a little notebook, so i can keep track each week on my progress, and there were exactly 50 weeks. Which is great. I still have 50 weeks to work my hardest, and to learn Korean, and most importantly to find people that are waiting to accept the gospel. I won't go into all of my goals, but the overlying theme of the goals is to become more simple and plain. So, today is day 1, week 1 of the 50 week plan.

So, things down in Suncheon and Gwangyang are beautiful. This transfer is flying by. My companions are the greatest, and my area is beautiful. We saw so many miracles this week. We got 3 baptismal dates! It literally feels like they just fell out of the sky. I am excited to continue to meet with them, and help them prepare for baptism. One lady was an old investigator who just called us up and wanted to meet again. She was the one who said she needed to be baptized, and then later that week we met with an old investigator who brought her friend, and they both said they wanted to get baptized in July. Another miracle that happened is that while we were out contacting in the "downtown" area, I was contacting this group of girls, who just kept mumbling to each other, mou-ra-go-yo..pshhh...I know my Koreans not good..but come on. Anyways, so I was feeling a little ..sick..of contacting, when this girl from behind just grabbed my arm and started speaking to me in Korean really quickly. She was so excited. I pieced together that she had met with the missionaries before..and then sister Sherwood came over and talked to her, and she said she had interviewed one of the sisters a few months ago for her school newspaper. She asked us where our church was, and asked us for our number. We met with her on Saturday, and we were planning on chatting a bit, introducing what we're doing her, what we're teaching, our purpose, and set up a regular appointment. But she wasn't interested in anything except the book of mormon. I'm really excited to see where things go with her. It made me realize that even though I was just standing in the downtown, looking kind of like a fool..it still was where God needed me to be, even though all the people I talked to threw my phone number and pamphlet away as they were walking away from me.

Lets see...I feel like I haven't done any funny stories lately..so I'll give you one. Somebody recently asked me in an email what was the most awkward thing that had happened to me that week..when I wrote the email back I couldn't think of anything. But it happened that night. . . Okay so. Me and Sister Uyanga were coming back from Gwangju and I just glanced around the bus stop, and I made the mistake of making eye contact with this guy standing a few feet away. I knew immediately that it was an accident. He walked over, and started asking if we were missionaries, talked about God, his religion, I think he was a chipsanim..or something for some church..anyways. He seemed harmless enough at first, and then he left and told us to work hard. We started talking again to each other, me and Sister Uyanga..and I guess it took this guy about all of 2 minutes to gather the courage to come back and really tell us what was on his mind. . he came back up and said that he knew that I had a ring on my finger and that I have a boyfriend, but he said he couldn't leave without telling me that I could get closer to God if I chose him instead of my boyfriend. BECAUSE when he was baptized he took on the name of Peter, and so because of that, he could take me closer to God. I couldn't understand allll of this, so I just smiled and nodded at him. He told me that I should think about it, about him or my "boyfriend" and make a decision, and if I chose to be with him, then he would visit me in my dreams that night. Then he walked away down the rainy, dark street. What a stud, right? I'm still thanking God that he didn't come to my dreams that night.

Other just misc. things that happened this week, I went to a traditional Korean wedding of a less-active member, including the throwing of the chickens, the bowing, bowing, bowing, bowing, etc. I took lots of pictures, but can't find my connecting cord, so I can't send them through email .. :s Also, I got two packages this week. my toothpaste :) and shoes, which are amazing by the way Mom. I'm so so glad you didn't get me really really ugly sister missionary walking shoes. You did awesome. And I got another package from Boram's dad with meat, tomatoes, chamhwe, grapes, and nylons, and chocolate. He is the greatest. Also, my hair is getting outrageously curly. Also, my companions decided my power animal is a white, wild wolf, that isn't a full grown wolf yet. Because they said my face is still cute like a baby animal, but my eyes are wild. ? Also, my "color" my "auro" is either burnt orange, or a green that I don't know how to describe through an email.

Okay...I think that is about it for this week. I love you all. I hope you are all doing really great, somebody give Opie a hug for me, I miss him real bad. I always show people pictures of him and they always say, ah mussowohyo..kk..if they only knew him, they would know that he is harmless.

Love Sister Cutler

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